Regional Station For Forage Production And Demonstration

Objective Of The Scheme:

1. Introduction of fodder crops in existing crops rotation.

2 Demonstration of superior package of practices for use of fertilizers, water and soil management in production of cultivated fodder crops, studies of these practices with regards to new and promising species of fodder crops and grasses.

3 Evolution of fodder calendars suitable to the region.

4 Demonstration for improvement and management of village grazing land and natural grass land and study their proper utilization in combination with forage crops.

5 Demonstration of different methods of fodder conservation and utilization.

6 Production of high quality foundation seeds of forage crops for further multiplication and distribution.

7 Conducting training programmes to educate State Government officials and dairy farmers.

8 Organizing farmers’ fair /field days.

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Evolution of fodder calendars
suitable to the region